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How to install custom (kannada e.g.) font in your Samsung phone

I was struggling to install the kannada font in my Samsung galaxy 551 since 3-4 days and today I finally succeeded.

First and foremost, you need to root your android phone. Rooting means you should get super user access. Without superuser access, you can not copy your ttf file to /systems/fonts folder.

There are many free apps available to root your android phone. The one I used is,  SuperOneClick. You should download and unzip the program to your pc. And then connect your android phone with usb cable.  Enable usb debugging mode.  Then start SuperOneClick.exe  and click on the root button. The program will root your phone.
For more detailed instruction on how to install superoneclick please go through this link 
I suspect, once rooted, the phone needs to be rebooted again.
You can be sure if you are rooted if when you type su in terminal on phone , superoneclick will ask your permission for root access to terminal program.

Next your terminal will show # instead of $

Next set of comma…