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Do not lose the .keystore file

First a caution:

I was working hard (according my standards in updating my Indian news app. And today was the D day. I tried publishing it. But market site told I should use the same keystore as my previous version. My computer is formatted recently and I have not taken the back up of that keystore file.

Now there is nothing else I can do except for unpublishing it and publishing with a new package name. I will be losing all my downloads.

So please keep your .keystore file and its password very very safely. As someone in stockoverflow suggested, send it to yourself in gmail.

How to display auto-scorlling text (marquee)

If you want to display which keeps scrolling automatically on a single line textview, you can use the following steps.

First of all, in your xml file, set the following properties for your textview

android:singleline = "true" android:ellipsize="marquee"
But still you see that your text is showing marquee. Please remember that the text will  auto-scroll only when it has focus or it is selected.

So add the following text in your code.

Now you can see that your text view will display auto scrolling text