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Type in Kannada using Akshara transliteration keyboard

My android app, Akshara Transliteration is now converted into a free app. 

Use the app to type in Kannada or Hindi using Kannada/Hindi on screen keyboard or English QWERTY keyboard with transliteration. Type faster in Kannada. Use predictions. Use Kannada/Hindi numbers. Switch between keyboards.

Download the app at

Converting String to Date and Date to String in android

I struggled almost for an entire day trying to access and manipulate dates for my app. If I use date class, many of the methods show warning that they are deprecated. I took the help of simple date format and tried showing month and date. But some how the output was always wrong. 

So, if you need to access dates, set a date to current date or to any other particular date and also read dates from a edit text, you should ideally use 3 classes  viz Calendar, Date and SimpleDateFormat.

First create a Calendar object and initialize it with current date. 

    Calendar cal  = Calendar.getInstance();

Now to convert this to Date object use getTime() method.

Date someDate = cal.getTime();//this returns a date object.

Now to get a string representation of this date use SimpleDateFormat class

  SimpleDateFormat dtFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MMMM-yyyy");
            String dtStr = dtFormat.format(someDate);

For today's date i.e. 22-7-2014, the string dtStr will be 22-July-2014.

Some poi…

MemoryPro new version released

If you have downloaded my "test your memory" app and had liked it, here is a new version of it.

The latest version has patterns memory which is supposedly good for spatial memory. A rectangular grid with some cells filled are shown. You have to remember them and tap the filled cells.

Also I have added sound to clicks (or taps) in each game. Good to play with some sound, right? Of course you can disable sound, if you don't like it.

So download the game and enjoy.