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Progress bar with different color and text

Normally the horizontal progress bar  will display yellow color which most of you may not like.

Unlike other views, changing the background for progress bar will not work. It will only change background image, but not the bar which shows the progress.

There is one more property in xml, android:progressDrawable. You should change this. But the drawable must be a clip drawable. A clip drawable clips the diagram based on the value set.

So let us create a file called clip.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <clip xmlns:android="" android:drawable="@drawable/bg" android:clipOrientation="horizontal" android:gravity="left" > </clip> 
android:drawable, in this case bg is the .png or .xml picture to be used for clip drawable. It should be present in your res/drawable folder. Clip orientation horizontal and gravity left are default va…

Recover from Pattern lock problem with Galaxy 551

If your phone is locked with pattern lock, and if you try different option too many times, your phone will lock out.

It will display a screen with

    User id

Which should be gmail account information. But even after providing these information, it will not unlock.

If you are willing to reset your data, you have another option. Which is to factory reset using adb of android sdk

Connect your phone to PC or laptop via usb cable.If you do not have android sdk, download it to your computer.Open command prompt on PC, by typing cmd in run commandGo to the android sdk directory and then platform-tools directoryNow type adb reboot recovery  in the command shell
in the command shell
Your phone screen should look somewhat similar to this diagram.
Open the keyboard of your phone Use ALT key of phone to scroll through options. Go to wipe data and factory resetType left shift key of the phone  to run the option After you get the prompt saying data is reset, go to  reboot system nowAgain…