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Screen recording of your apps

You want to publish your app. And you feel the app installs may improve after you add a promo video.

But you are a one-man(or woman) team. And you rarely know anything about creating a video. What do you do?

Screen recording comes to your rescue. You can record your phone screen activities into a video file. All you need is simple android adb tool.

Connect your phone to the laptop.

Go to command prompt.  Locate the directory where adb command is present. Normally it is yoursdkdirectory/platform-tools.

And give the command on c
adb devices

You should be able to see your phone listed there.

Next you give command
adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/yourfilename.mp4

Now the screen record will start.  End it by pressing ^c

The recorded video will be stored in your sdcard.

Copy this to your laptop and you can edit it using moviemaker software in windows

The problem with above method is audio will not be recorded and you have to add it in moviemaker. There are many screenrecording apps available i…

Enabling USB debugging on your phone

Coming here after a very very long time.

Today let us see how to become a developer.

I am kidding. Let us talk about how to enable your device to be connected for debugging in android studio.

You need to install a samsung adb driver for your laptop first of all. Or which phone your brand is.

Next take your phone - go to

SettingsAbout DeviceBuild Number - tap on this like 10 times. And your phone tells you now you are a developer. 
Great isn't it. No studying needed.

Do you see your phone in android studio, when you connect to through usb? No, not yet.

Because there is one more step to be done.

Now settings has Developer options in it.


Developer Options
USB debugging - check on this

Done !!!  Now you can debug your android app on your phone.