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An app and a story

An app and a storyI am not writing anything about coding tip here. But telling you how my app Shataka came into existence. 
Few years back, I had started an app, whose idea was to find all combinations of numbers to get the required sum. Something like, 
90 = 10*9      = 45*2      = 200 -110 etc.
Then the app was killed because my computer was. I did not have a single line of code remaining. 
That was metamorphasized into this unique app Shataka. As far as I know, in android market there are not many number games for adults. There are few me-too versions of 2048 and few apps which ask you to type what is 10 +2 etc.
But in this app, the sum was to be 100, for rows and columns. And typing the numbers is clumsy and guessing 9 numbers to fill in 3 by 3 grid for this is too time consuming. So what if I provide the numbers after shuffling them?
Yes. I provide 9 numbers which if arranged in an order, make a grid with sum of each row as 100 and sum of each column as 100.
81 4 15 10 73 17 9 23 68
So I…