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New puzzle "Shataka" published

I have published a new math puzzle "Shataka" in google play.

This app has a 9 cell empty grid and 9 numbers. Your aim is to drag and drop these numbers into the grid so that each row adds to 100 and each column adds to 100.

e.g. In the screen shot above middle column has 87 and 9. So to make column sum 100, you need 100-(87+9). That is 4. And we do have a 4. So drag and drop this 4 in second column. Next first row will have 4 and 28. Hence it needs a 100 -(4+28) which is 68. Drop 68 in first row and first column.

So now you can see that this game is getting interesting.

The screen shot is of level 1. And as you can see, 3 numbers are already given to you. So you need to solve for remaining 6 numbers. In level 2, only 2 numbers are given.

In level 3, 1 number of solution is given. After 3rd level, solution is not given because by then you will not need it. :)

Another helpful feature is after you complete a row or a column, its sum is shown in a popup.

What are you waiting fo…