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Using Kannada or Hindi font in your phone

I have published an app called Kannada Hindi keyboard in the android market. You can download it from here

Once you install the keyboard, you can select either kannada /hindi language.

You need to have kannada/hindi font installed in your phone. If it is not present, in my earlier post, I have mentioned how to install a custom font in your android phone

Now let us see how to use it. First of we need to enable this new input method. In my app, it is called kannada keyboard. In case of galaxy 551, you should select

Language and Keyboard
TextSettings - Check your keyboard name here. Check Kannada keyboard

Now this keyboard is activated.

When you are typing anything, to use this keyboard, long click on the text box. You get the context menu. In that select Input method option

Again check kannada keyboard

Now you to…