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How to access sqlite table from emulator

You can see the contents of text files by exporting it from emulator, but what about sqlite tables? You can use sqlite3 as explained below.
You need to access the adb shell first.
If you are using Linux system, it is simple enough. Just give the command

    adb shell

But for windows xp system, the path might not be properly set. If that is the case, go to the folder where android sdk is installed

If android sdk is installed in f:\android-sdk-windows, then go there and then goto subdirectory tools in that.
Now give the command

     adb shell

Next you need to go to directory which has your sqlite database. For that you use command
     cd /data/data
     cd com.pkg.pkg1

Here com.pkg.pkg1 must be replaced by your packagename of android project.

     cd databases

At this point, dir must show you the name of your database file. If your database name is mydb, then to open it using sqlite, give the command

    sqlite3 mydb

Now you can use any sql command like select, insert , update etc.

     select * from expenses;

Do not forget to end your sql commands with a semicolon.

Be careful if you give a wrong database name, instead of prompting sqlite just shows empty db.
Here is a list of some other useful commands
.schema table
Gives the create statement for that table so you will come to know the columns of the table

.headers on
Shows your select statement with column name headers.

Terminate sqlite


To obtain a list of sqlite3 commands you can use


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